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Lawrence D. Smith and MaryBeth Mudrick, authors of Federal Style Patterns 1780-1820, answer some of their most frequently asked questions below.
" I have a 5 year old home designed in the Federal Style.  I currently have a steel front door with the common "six-panel" design.  I would like to replace the door with something more elegant but want the design to be appropriate for a Federal Style house. Can you give me some suggestions for doors? I would appreciate any suggestions!  Thank you!" Author's Reply
The Gardner-White-Pingree House, Salem, MA
" I own and live in a brick Federal Style building built sometime between 1810 and 1829. It has been “modernized” and even “remuddled” during its 178-197 years of existence. I’m slowly trying to restore the house, starting outside. Are there any books that specifically aid in the architectural investigation for federal-style buildings? There are clues, but I lack the knowledge to know where they lead to.  Are there architectural historians that do this type of detective work? If so, how do I locate one? Do you know of any organization/chat-line of people who are knowledgeable about or involved in restoring old Federal Style buildings? Once again, any help/guidance you can give me is greatly appreciated. Thank you!" DAuthor's Reply: (coming soon)
circa 1810 House, Geneseo, NY
" I am trying to find out the types of fabric , window treatments, and wallpaper that were used during the Federal Period.   Are there books that would help me? Thank you!" Author's Reply:
Federal Style Office Wichita, KS
"I currently live in a Federal Style home completed circa 1805. My question is in regards to the stair case...would they have used stair runners in the Federal Style? Are there books that would help me choose floorcoverings for the rest of my home? Thanks so much for your help!" Author's Reply:
Samuel McIntire's Oak Hill Rooms, Boston Museum of Fine Arts
Do you have a question regarding Federal Style Furniture? Ask the Expert. Thomas Schwenke is a recognized and respected antique furniture expert with experience spanning almost 40 years. He is an acknowledged authority on American antique furniture and the premier dealer expert of American Federal Furniture. Ask Tom.
Mr. Schwenke describes the inlaid details of a piece in his gallery.
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