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Gardner-White-Pingree House Salem, MA
Gardner-White-Pingree House Salem, MA
" I am trying to find out the types of fabric , window treatments, and wallpaper that were used during the Federal Period.   Are there books that would help me? Thank you!"
Author's Reply:         

Thank you for writing. Two types of books have been helpful to us in our design work: scholarly reference works that explain the materials used during historical periods and "picture" books that illustrate what furnished period rooms actually look like. The Nylander's book on fabric and wallpaper is invaluable as a reference and for the sources for reproduction materials that are listed in the book. It is comprehensive and written by two experts. For a "picture" book, Wendell Garrett's "Classic America" is very helpful because it shows furnished period rooms in full color. For the wallpapers popular during the Federal Period, French Scenic Wallpapers fall into both the scholarly and reference catagories. Finally, another very useful book is "Early American Rooms 1650-1858 by Russell Hawes Kettell. It has several color plates of Samuel McIntire's Oak Hill rooms that illustrate fabrics, window treatments, carpeting, and furniture.

Best of luck with your decorating project!

Lawrence Smith and MaryBeth Mudrick, authors Federal Style Patterns 1780-1820

Fabrics & Wallpaper for Historic Buildings Must have resource combines authors Jane and Richard Nylander's individual volumes into one. Invaluable text describes the fabrics and wallcoverings used in Early America. Includes sources for reproduction products.
French Scenic Wallpaper 1796-1865 Here are the gorgeous French wallpapers that were imported and used in American Federal rooms. Includes reproduction sources. Buy it for reference or inspiration.
Classic America: The Federal Style & Beyond Gorgeous full color photographs of furnished period rooms.
Early American Rooms Black and white scale drawings of period rooms. Contains some color plates of furnished rooms.
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