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Fabrics &Wallpapers for Historic Buildings
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Federal Style
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The American TownhouseGorgeous Color Photographs including rarely photographed interiors and exteriors of three of the finest Federal Era examples.
Classic America: The Federal Style & Beyond

Gorgeous full color photographs. Buy the hardcover version- the softcover has fewer of the beautiful plates.

Linger over Chamberlain's photographs and you will swear that you have accompanied the architect/photographer during his visits to the loveliest of New England's rooms.

Don't miss any of his books. Here are a few favorites:

Beyond New England Thresholds

Open House in New England

New England Rooms

Salem Interiors

Charleston Interiors

The Furniture Masterworks of John & Thomas Seymour. The finest examples of Federal Furniture in full color. Begin your study of Federal furniture here.
Read these two books side by side and discover that a small handful of English furniture patterns were transformed by the 18th c. American cabinet-maker into the furniture which would accompany the American Federal Style of architecture. Hepplewhite's patterns continue to influence furniture design today!

American Furniture: The Federal Period andGeroge Hepplewhite's The Cabinet-Maker and Upholsterer's Guide

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Federal Style Patterns with CD-Rom
Fabrics & Wallpaper for Historic Buildings Useful reference for the Historic Homeowner. Includes sources for fabrics & wallpaper.
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For Historic Buildings: Floor Coverings Great for the Historic Homeowner. Includes many sources.
For Historic Buildings: Lighting
Paint in America- The Colors of Historic Buildings
Walls and Molding: How to Care for Old and Historic Wood and Plaster
Caring for Your Old House: A Guide for Owners and Residents
Fences: Authentic Details for Design and Restoration

This is the first book of Mr. Harrison's four-part series. Beautifully made and filled with the author's hand-drawn sketches.

Gazebos and Trellises: Authentic Details for Design and Restoration-
Creating the New Old House. New home designs with old home sensibilites. Great idea book!
Robert Adam:
His innovative style inspired the American Federal Style
The Works in Architecture of Robert & James Adam At long last! A Dover editon of this hard-to-find volume.
The Genius of Robert Adam Spectacular color photographs of Adam's interiors.
The Complete Works of Robert & James Adam
Adam Style- Outstanding overview of the Adam Style including furniture, fabrics, wallcoverings, silver, and china.
Indispensable books for understanding Federal Style Architecture
American Buildings and Thier Architects: The Colonial and NeoClassical Styles.

Hard to find and well worth the hunt.

Classical Architecture. Read it cover to cover or begin at any page. A must-have resource for the student of architecture.
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