Accurately Proportioned Designs from Authentic Historic Sources
Measured Federal Style Drawings
in PowerCadd and AutoCad formats.
Ten years of intensive study of the Federal Style produced Federal Style Patterns 1780-1820 pattern book and a wealth of knowledge about how Federal Style Architecture was built and designed. Let us provide you with Cabinet Maker-quality Construction Drawings in PowerCadd or AutoCad formats. Supply us with your specifications and leave the research time and design work to us.
Construction Plans for Federal Style:


Door Surrounds

Interior Arches

Cornice Moldings & Entablatures

Ornamented Friezes


Chair Rails, Baseboards

Columns and Pilasters


Drawings include Full Size Molding Profiles and Ornament Sources
We include the small-rich details that Samuel McIntire, Charles Bulfinch, Asher Benjamin, and Robert Adam's original designs contain.
Full Size Details from Historic Sources
If Authenticity is Needed

To create each of our Authentic Federal Style designs, we draw from an extensive library of Period Pattern Books, Rare books, and Photographs. Our Federal Style designs are eye-pleasing and enduring in thier appeal because they are strictly proportioned according to Neoclassic tenets.

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Detailed Construction plans for:

Interior Arched Door Surround (Pictured Above) based on Samuel McIntire's 1800 design for the Ezekiel Derby House in Salem, Massachusetts.

Drawings were made for the following specifications: Interior Double Doors, 11' Room Height, 8' 1 5/8" Door Opening.

Five drawing set includes:

-Elevation in 3" to 1' scale

-Capital, Pilaster, Door Surround, and Base at Full Size

-Molding Profiles and Ornament Specifications at Full Size (2 sheets)

-Cutting Template for Arch at Full Size

-Drawings set includes your choice of PowerCadd or AutoCad formats and paper drawings.

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