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Boston, Massachusetts
Federal Style Architectural Details

This series of photographs was taken in the Becaon Hill neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts. The influence of Charles Bulfinch and the brothers Adam is everywhere apparent.

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Photographs from left to right:

First row: Amory-Ticknor House Entrance Porch Entablature, St. Stephen's Church Detail, #61 Beacon Hill Door, State House Dome, Amory-Ticknor Entrance Porch Details, 3rd. Harrsion Gray Otis House Front Entrance Detail.

Second row: #54 Beacon Street Door, #21 Beacon Hill Door, West Church Clock, #64 Beacon Hill Door, West Church 2nd. Story Entablature, 3rd. Harrsion Gray Otis House Front Entrance.

Third row: Charles Street Meeting House, 1st. Harrison Gray Otis House Front Elevation, #15 Chestnut Street Entrance Porch, #55 Beacon Street Main Cornice, 2nd. Harrison Gray Otis House Window, St. Stephen's Chuch Pilasters.

Fourth row: Beacon Hill Doric Entrance Porch, #62 Beacon Hill Door, Nichols House Entrance Porch Entablature, State House Columns, Beacon Hill Doric Entablature, West Church Cupola.

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