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"Federal Style Patterns 1780-1820" is the culmination of an astounding research project. The detailed drawings are based on design elements from homes built during the Federal Era in the New England region, and include detailed images of cornices, door and window casings, chair rails, baseboards and more.

All drawings are captured in a variety of formats on a CD-ROM that comes with the book, which is a helpful tool for modern day designers hoping to faithfully reproduce the elegance of Federal Style architecture.

For some time now, I have been fascinated with the Federal Style, so much so that I decided to decorate and furnish my new office as if it were a page from history, circa 1815. I was a bit confused how to adapt a door arch to my particular circumstance, so I e-mailed the authors of this book, MaryBeth Mudrick and Lawrence D. Smith, for advice. I was most pleased with the prompt and professional reply I received from them. Throughout the duration of my project, which stretched out for many months, MaryBeth and Lawrence provided invaluable guidance at many critical junctures, always with patience and a friendly touch. With my copy of their text close by at all times, these pros led me toward a Federal Style look that far exceeded my original expectations. Thomas Jefferson would have felt right at home!" Daniel J. Goevert, Wichita, KS

"Oh this is an elegant book, with highly detailed drawings of every molding, mantels, doors, room designs, etc. that you can imagine, all in the beautiful American Federal Style. In this book, you can "invade" historic homes and "walk out" with measured detailed drawings of all of the best features-- without anyone catching you in the act." Alfred Scott, Richmond, VA.

"I have two of the books and find them very useful. In fact, I'm currently using some of your details on a Federal project in Memphis (actually, it's English Country Adam to be more precise). Thank you for producing this valuable resource." Ken Tate Architect, Madisonville, LA.

"It is clearly a labor of love...I hope your effort will indeed spread the classical tradition far and wide." Dean T. Lahikainen, The Carolyn and Peter Lynch Curator of American Decorative Art, Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, MA.

"Thanks so much! I recently purchased the Federal Style Patterns 1780-1820 book. I love it! I have been looking for a publication like this for years! Truly Grateful, R.C., Contractor/Developer, Spring Hill, TN.

"The book is just exquisite! Beautiful, beautiful book, well organized and easy to understand, even for people like me who do not study architecture, but would like to use the book for decorative ideas. The library is adding your book to the permanent collection and I am sure it will be a wonderful resource for library patrons." Libby Nemota, Interlibrary Loan Department Supervisor, Palm Beach County Library System.

"Wow! What a wonderful resource. Federal Style Patterns 1780-1820 is in the tradition of the drawing books that so greatly influenced the American landscape. Unlike the design books of the period however, all of the designs in your book were actually executed, some of them frequently. It never really occurred to me before thumbing through your book that the builder of my home (c. 1826) probably owned a copy of one of Benjamin's books. In the room where I opened your book, I actually smiled as I looked from my door casing to Fig. 140, then from the baseboard to Fig. 232. Although I am a Federal Period enthusiast, I never quite looked at my own home as sporting archetypal Federal details." Mark Arnold, Editor, American Period Furniture.

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Smith and Mudrick have put together the first modern pattern book to illustrate in a single volume the form, character, scale and proportion, and ornament of American Federal Style structures built in New England from 1780-1820. Using accurately measured drawings and photographs of historic houses, as well as period pattern books, they have created about 300 detailed and elegant line drawings, which are presented here with information about measurements, proportions, and sources. The book is organized into sections that include cornices, window and door casings, chair rails, baseboards, mantels, and fences. Architects, interior designers, preservationists, and anyone who is interested in the details of Federal Style architecture will find this a valuable resource.

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Available from John Wiley & Sons

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