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Thank you for visiting our website! In these page we have assembled photographs of Federal Style architecture, useful links to other sites, an extensive bibliography, and information about our recently published Federal Style Pattern book . We welcome your comments and hope that you enjoy your visit!

Federal Style Patterns 1780-1820 with CD-ROM

Federal Style Photographs

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  • -Bibliography: an extensive list with links to online copies of rare books and a search box to help you locate out-of-print and hard to find books.
  • -Links : on-line pattern books, on-line museum collections, preservation resources, and more!

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Federal Style Measured Drawings.

  • --Cabinet maker's plans. Historic Replications or New Federal Style Designs. Detailed and accurate plans in PowerCadd or AutoCad formats.

Federal Style Sketches.

  • --Sketches of Federal Style Houses done from your photograph.

Federal Style Resources.

  • --Look here for a growing list of resources for Federal Style furnishings. Are you a craftsman specializing in the Federal Style? We would like to add information about your work to this site. Please contact us.

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