Federal Style Architectural Photographs

At first glance, The Federal Style is captivating. But, look closer! Strict adherence to Neoclassic proportioning, delicacy of scale, and a seemingly endless variety of ornament give The Federal Style timeless appeal. The images offered here are photographic "notes" taken in Boston and Salem, Massachusetts by a modern day Cabinetmaker for his personal study. We hope that you will enjoy them! These high quality 8x10 images are shipped in TIFF format on a CD.

Additional Photographs of Federal Style Architectural Details.
Salem, Massachusetts Federal Style Architectural Details
Boston, Massachusetts Federal Style Architectural Details
Summer in Salem
Boston Doors
The Andrew Safford House, Salem, Massachusetts
Entrance Porch Detail
Built in 1819 and rumored to have been the costliest in Salem, Massachusetts, the Andrew Safford House is also one of the most handsome Federal Style buildings.    The elliptical entrance porch is supported by six Corinthian columns that are fluted, attenuated, and tapered from the base.   They terminate in Corinthian capitals and uphold a Corinthian entablature.   A lovely surprise of this porch is its interior:  the entablature is repeated here in the most delicate scale and form.
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Federal Style Interior Architectural Details
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